Those Who Serve

September 8, 2021

Good evening. I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

As we observe the upcoming landmark anniversary of 9/11 let’s all pray for the families of those killed over the last twenty years and for those that are on watch each and every day making sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s because of their sacrifices and love of country that we are able to sleep safely in our own beds at night.

Each and every one of us should give thanks to God that we live in a country in which there are men and women willing to serve our country and give it their all in order to save the lives of others that they most likely will never meet. Perhaps they do it because they have been raised in a country in which Judeo-Christian values are almost instinctively followed.

I say instinctively because of the almost breathtaking decent our society has taken over the last decade or so at the hands of liberal progressive Democrats who have forsaken our core values and seem determined to lead our country down the road of Socialism and the ensuing destruction of America.

It leaves one to wonder if there is still any chance our country can be saved.

I think it can.