I grew up in a middle class family headed by Betty Jo and Reid Haywood, who were born and raised in Charlotte. Because of my father’s career in the computer industry, they traveled around the country, but eventually settled in Greensboro, NC, which is where I spent my formative years along with a brother and two sisters. I met my wife Brenda at work and after many months of constant pestering she agreed to date me. We married in 1984 and just celebrated our 35th anniversary. Greensboro is our hometown but we resettled in Summerfield 19 years ago.


For the past 37 years I have been a successful small business owner selling industrial maintenance supplies to commercial and government accounts. I am blessed with a strong work ethic which has helped me to survive the constantly evolving business landscape and the occasional recession. I have developed a reputation for being able to get things done. I do the hard things and enjoy the challenges that come with tackling tough projects.


I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan and have been politically aware since my teens, but I only became active in politics 10 years ago with the emergence of Barrack Obama and his vision for a radically changed America.  As a team leader with Conservatives 4 Guilford County, I helped organize events and campaigns in which we advocated for conservative candidates and causes. I have since immersed myself in the Republican Party and had the privilege of serving as Chairman of the 6th Congressional District.

Why I'm Running FOR CONGRESS

The Constitution is not a living document, we must protect it from activist judges and their biased personal interpretations. I believe the Republican Party and its platform are the last best hope for our country’s survival and with the newly redrawn district felt it was time to take the leap from GOP activist to candidate.  Mine will be a positive and civil campaign and I humbly ask for your support in my effort to become your next Representative.