Public Safety

I will make sure our law enforcement agencies are fully funded and will fight any attempt by those who
wish to reduce their numbers or diminish the protection they provide to our communities, including

National Debt

The biggest threat to America is our national debt. Washington has a spending problem. When elected,
I will make the elimination of deficit spending my number one priority.

Economic Development

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. I will work to reduce and eliminate unnecessary
government regulations that hinder growth in the private sector. I will also focus on creating
opportunity zones in our district, including one centered around A&T University. I am in favor of
extending programs such as low interest loans and grants to those businesses that need help recovering
from the Covid-19 crisis until our economy returns to normal.


Our young people deserve a quality education and should not be penalized because of their economic
status or zip code. I will work to open our education system, enabling parents to send their children to
the school of their choice.

Judicial System

The Constitution is not a living document, it means what it says. We must remove those activists in
robes that wish to legislate from the bench with their biased personal interpretations of our laws. We must also fight those who attempt to pack the Supreme Court to further their own agenda and circumvent the will of the people.


We must completely overhaul our immigration system. I support the completion of the wall at our
southern border. Only after we have protected our nation’s sovereignty can we make naturalization to
our country fair to those legal immigrants who wish to become American citizens.