Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson endorses Lee Haywood

I am honored to receive the endorsement of NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson in my bid to represent the 6th District in Congress. This video says it all.
Video of NC Lt. Governor Mark Keith Robinson Endorsing Lee Haywood for Congress.
As we get closer to the May 17th Primary, your support becomes more important than ever. Donating has never been easier.  Scan this QR Code on your cell phone and it will take you directly to our website. And remember, each donation is automatically entered in our “Even More Politically Incorrect Raffle”.
Or you can simply go to https://leehaywood.com/
This will be the place to be for those that want to see where the 6th District candidates stand on the issues. If I haven’t yet met you, please make sure to search me out to say hello. See you there.
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