This Guy. Anyone Surprised?

March 16, 2021

If you had asked me, I could have told you so. It was only a matter of time before New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was going to get caught doing something stupid. I’m just surprised that it happened so soon. So far there have been at least six ladies that have come forward claiming that they suffered from his unwanted sexual advances. Imagining myself as one of his victims, all I can say is “eeewww”. It makes me shudder to think of this guy trying to grab my goodies. Especially if he is talking at the same time.

For political purposes, the pandemic is still far from over and there is still much money to be siphoned off from the US Treasury to help pay for years of incompetent liberal leadership up in the Empire State and this guy is experienced in the ways of fleecing the American people. So what is the reason that his peers and the press have decided to turn on him?
In what should be the beginning of the story but has become an addendum, the Attorney General of NY has launched an investigation into his role of under reporting the deaths that occurred in nursing homes during the beginning of the pandemic. Nursing homes where Cuomo ordered senior citizens to be quarantined.

Which brings me to the point of this little rant. What is more important to the Democrat Party; a few women whose personal space may or may not have been violated and whose feelings may or may not have been hurt? Or, the deaths of possibly thousands of senior citizens who may have been sentenced to a premature death by a power hungry politician? We unfortunately most likely know the answer. But to give the illusion of decency the Democrats have decided he must go.

But don’t worry for poor Andrew. Even if Governor Cuomo resigns his seat to weather out the storm he will be seen as a martyr and live to fight another day. Given time the Democrats will embrace him again and rewrite history as only they can and Andrew Cuomo will rise again to attain heights of hubris befitting a pompous northern liberal Democrat.  At the very least he will be given an anchor position on CNN. I promise.