February Events 2022

An incredible evening was had on Saturday February 19 at the LeeCounty GOP Douglass, Lincoln, Reagan Dinner. All of my favorite people were there and I got my C.L. Bryant fix.

A momentous day for the Guilford County Republican Men’s Club on Saturday, February 26. First,  Commissioner Justin Conrad gave an update on the shenanigans going on at the at the county level. Second, a NCFRM Membership Certificate was presented to the group by President Tyres Tatum. Thirdly, Michael Logan was elected as our new President, Gary McKinney as Vice-President, Adam Newsome as 2nd VP and Mike Sauer as 3rd VP. Charles Mumford stayed on as Secretary and Ed Riggs as Treasurer. Please join me in congratulating them all.
Our next meeting will be held on March 26. Details TBA.