Ukraine War Not Inevitable.

I was in the middle of writing a brilliant submission about the Chinese Olympics but time and the Ukraine war got in the way. I will post something soon about the Beijing Debacle but for right now just let me say that Curling is not a real sport. Never has been, never will be.

This started with the Afghanistan retreat. You know what I mean and there’s no need to explain.

The Ukraine war not inevitable. Even though Putin has always dreamed of a reunified USSR he had probably resigned himself to the prospect that it might never happen. This is clearly an example of Vlad seeing weak Western leadership and realizing an opportunity had been laid at his feet. As is the duty of any mad megalomaniac, he seized the opportunity and voila, he has obtained a sizable portion of his goal. To make things worse it appears that he is working in tandem with Xi Jinping. Taiwan can’t be far behind.

Unfortunately to put Putin back in his cage will most probably mean some kind of military option involving US personnel.  A scenario that might never had become necessary if there had been a parent in the White House to deal with this petulant child before it became an angry teenager. Instead we have a clone of Neville Chamberlain who simply can’t bring himself to swat the brat on the rear end. This is just the beginning and it will not end well.

Question. Does anyone think this would be happening if President Trump was still in office? Let’s all say a prayer for the citizens of Ukraine.