The Haywood Jobs Plan. Fire Congress!

May 6, 2021

I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re hard to miss. Those “Help Wanted” signs are everywhere!

Yes, it seems there are many job opportunities for those that are ready, able and willing to work. Employers are begging people to come back. Indeed, help is so hard to find that there are quite a few businesses, especially restaurants, that are cutting back their hours or closing down entirely. The problem? The government is paying people not to work. Why would a person go to work only to be penalized by having to give up up money that they did absolutely nothing to earn? I have a bit of advice for Sleepy Joe and Congress. It is time to let go of the bike and let the country take care of itself. All signs point to an economy that is poised for take off and the only thing standing in it’s way is Washington and the professional politicians that inhabit her. This extended period of unnecessary stimulus money being printed out of thin air is doing more harm than good and it is time to put the free market back in charge.

But in my opinion this is indicative of a deeper problem facing our society. Back in the day a person receiving a welfare check from the government was looked down upon. Hard work was admired and everyone was expected to pull their weight. Not anymore. It is now a matter of pride for someone to receive one or more checks each month, and therein lies the root cause of our society’s ills.

We must put an end to these freeloaders way of life and the damage they are doing to our country. We must embarrass them for being lazy and make it harder for people to qualify for government benefits. It will be tough and they most certainly won’t like it but what gives them the right to sit around the house all day eating ding dongs while you and I are contributing to the economy and our society? I hate to wine like a Frenchman, but it’s just not fair!

Anyway, this is not rocket science and I hope everyone comes to their senses before it’s too late.  Unfortunately the unemployment payments are extended to September 2021. Sacre bleu.