Holy Cow, Where To Start….

January 14, 2021

In an effort to give everyone a different side to the story other than what the main stream media wants to convey about January 6. They were everyday Americans, including me, who just wanted their voices to be heard. This part of history has yet to play out and it will most likely be many years before the truth is told but I will always appreciate President Trump and his effort to identify and rid our country of the swamp dwellers that are ruining our country. The events of the past week have only strengthened my resolve to stop those who would seek to silence our voices through censorship and implement their Utopian vision of Socialism on this great nation. The next couple of months are no doubt going to be rough but trust me when I tell you that even though it looks bleak for the Republican’s right now, the Democrats are notorious for over playing their hand. Always.  We must redouble our efforts to save the American way of life for the generations yet to come.  Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved, including one listed below.