Happy New Year!

January 1, 2021

Greetings, I hope this letter finds you well and Covid free. This has been a year that will go down in history and I’m sure we are all happy to see the end of 2020. To make up for the hardships we have endured for the past 10 months I hope you will join me in making 2021 the best year of our lives. We owe this not only to ourselves but to avenge those who have been victimized by the left who lie and cheat their way through every election and who wish for the demise of America and our way of life. We must redouble our efforts to make right the injustices that have been inflicted on the good men and women of America, whether it is President Trump or the too numerous to count shopkeepers and restaurants that have gone out of business.

Though I am no longer a candidate for office I plan to stay active in the never ending battle for the survival of our country against progressive liberalism and I hope you will too. To that end, I am regularly approached by people that want to know how they can help in the fight or any events and meetings they should be aware of. Hence, I have decided to produce a newsletter to inform you of upcoming events and happenings and perhaps the occasional rant. You may, of course, choose to trash it or unsubscribe but hopefully you will find something of value to keep you breathlessly waiting for the next one. Regards.