Elephants & Patriots

February 7, 2021

If this doesn’t get your Conservative blood stirred up then I don’t know what will. The editorial cartoon that was depicted is the product of an 8th grade social studies teacher and was featured by WRAL in Raleigh in response to the push back from our recently elected Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and other voices of reason on the NC Board of Education. They rightly opposed the leftist board members desire to teach the children that America is a racist country.

The indoctrination of our children by the liberals in our education system is ongoing and only getting worse and this is just another example why it is so important to take back our school boards from the bottom up. Those who choose to serve on our local school boards are often the most underappreciated elected officials and yet serve in one of the most important positions. Make sure to thank and support them in your community.

At their meeting held last Thursday the Republicans on the board were thankfully able to keep some of the most inflammatory language out of the curriculum. Lt. Governor Robinson has vowed to keep fighting and I urge you to sign a petition of support. Let’s let him know we have his back.