Burr, It’s Cold Outside

February 17, 2021

I have never liked this guy.

By now you have probably heard about the vote by Senator Richard Burr to impeach President Trump on charges that he instigated the violence on the Capital on January 6. He confusingly did this AFTER he condemned the hearings as unconstitutional. Go figure. The NCGOP Central Committee has censured him and I’m sure there will be other rebukes from county organizations and districts.

I have always felt that it is in our best interest to elect those that will vote correctly 10% of the time as opposed to letting the Democrats elect their candidate that will vote wrongly 100% of the time. I don’t regret voting for Burr over Erskine Bowles and Elaine Marshall. Nor do I regret voting for Tillis over Kay Hagan or Cal Cunningham.

But I have never liked this guy.

This is what happens when officials no longer feel a connection with the people they represent. To prove my point look to Elizabeth Dole (who didn’t even live here) or Kay Hagan (rest her soul). They go to DC with six year terms and don’t have to worry about facing their constituents unless it becomes absolutely necessary. There’s even a story about Burr sneaking out his window with his dry cleaning to avoid speaking to the press. The Democrats smell blood in the water for 2022 and I pray that the Republican Party will be able to unite after the primary behind someone who is the anti-Burr with conservative credentials and a humble demeanor instead of a privileged frat boy who can’t be bothered with putting on a pair of socks.

I’m sure Senator Burr planned to end his political career by leaving behind a legacy of integrity and statesmanship. Instead has left a trail of self indulgent self dealings made possible by his powerful position in order to protect the wealth accumulated during his tenure as a professional politician. The only way he could possibly glean any kind of pride over his years in office is if he was bragging to a group of Democrats. They would get him.

In closing, I have been asked if I agree with the NCGOP Central Committee censure as well as the other rebukes underway at the county level and on social media. I agree with all of it. Let’s let Senator Burr know in no uncertain terms how we feel. Let’s get this out of our system, but let it run it’s course and move on. The sooner that he is sentenced to the prison of irrelevancy the better. This should not be a topic of discussion at our state convention in June as we will have much more important business to be taken care of.